“Guit up” and make some noise!

Welcome to the beginning of my journey! I am going to spend the next few months learning how to play the guitar, and possibly the ukulele too!

Photo Credit: Holland375 Flickr via Compfight cc

I am a very music oriented person, and have experience playing the Piano and Saxophone. I also participate in the University’s Concert Choir and semi-professional Chamber Singers. In terms of guitar, my only real experience with it is the generic mandatory Grade 9 guitar course from Regina high schools. In that course we learned a bit about notes, a couple of chords, and some basic one note songs. I haven’t played guitar since and have forgotten most of what I learned.

I am going to begin from scratch, as if I had no knowledge of guitar, to ensure my memory is refreshed on the basic elements. I will then proceed at a faster or slower pace, depending on how easily I begin picking up skills. Since I already have knowledge in music theory and reading music, most of my road blocks in this learning process will be related to the physical aspects. I am going to try a variety of online resources as well, to see if I can find one in particular that works really well.

While going through this process, I will primarily be using guitar, but at times I might also attempt ukulele. Once I have the physical aspect down, the difference between ukulele and guitar are the way the strings are tunes, and the patterns you use for the chords. I will also be posting my updates in a variety of ways, primarily a mixture of text/image blog posts, and video updates.

I have held an interest in properly learning guitar for a few years now, and I am excited to have the opportunity to share this journey with you!


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