Doo Wap, BOP, Ohh La La – Getting a bit Minor

Welcome back to my adventure of learning the guitar! If this is your first time seeing this, you might want to go to my first post to see and experience the whole journey!

This week Andy went on a big focus about fingers! The first part was learning the Ohh La La strumming technique, which gave me a flashback to jazz and other classical styles where you spell out the feeling of the line. The Oh la la line is where we strum the base note (the lowest sounding chord) first, and then strum the higher notes twice. It naturally makes a bounce to the sound, and can change the feeling of a song.

Along with that we learned about the upstrum. In the Ohh la la line we would Ohh la la “diggy” “diggy”, by adding two quick double strums after using both a down and up strum.

Lastly we started learning the Ed Sheeran technique as some would call it, pick-less strumming! This got a bit minor sounding as we explored this incredibly different, raw sound of guitar.


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